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Factors Leading To Road Accidents In Alabama

Accidents that happen on our roads on a daily basis have in recent times been constantly increasing. Establishing the cause of this accidents has become a major concern for everyone has this has led to a lot of soul searching. Research that has been conducted geared towards curbing road accidents in the recent research in the past have clearly pointed out to a lot of drunk driving going around.

This is exactly where one should do some soul searching and ask themselves why they have had to drink and drive. Every driver should be able to be held accountable for every time they have engaged in drunken driving thus endangering their lives and those of so many other people. Notably the state of Alabama has ensured that within their legal framework are penal sanctions that punish traffic rules offenders. Most governments and individuals alike have embarked on doing recent research to establish why there are so many accidents in Alabama and thus through the reading of this article the reader gets to be apprised on the factors that are leading to road accidents in Alabama.

Most people tend to exceed speed limits for their own reasons but what they don’t know is they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Disobedience of speed limit signs is one other leading cause of accidents. Anyone that wants more information on traffic rules can always do some recent research on the internet so as to ensure that they have more information on the guiding road principles. As earlier on stated drunk driving is the highest contributor of road accidents and this has greatly led to the same being ranked as the 5th highest DUI fatality rate. Being a state that has been put in such a position of being the 5th DUI fatality rate , it means that something has to be done and it has to be done urgently. Hospitals are basically filled with drunken driving victims.

Roads are open to be used by various parties both vehicles and pedestrians thus to avoid any traffic accidents as a driver whenever you reach an intersection whether there is a vehicle in sight or not purpose to mind other road users. One other leading cause of accidents in Alabama is tailgating which means following a car that is a head too closely. Notably it is always advisable that one drives when they are not fatigued since a drowsy driver can easily cause an accident. Recent research has shown that Alabama roads are really in bad states since with even small potholes, drivers end up in ditches.

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