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Solidworks Optimization Facts

When it comes to testing redesigns, the entire ordeal can be pretty frustrating if done over and over again. This is quite common when it comes to temperature control, flow maximization and mass reduction. This is why it’s important to have various designs to test out. Finding the right solidworks design that you need means going through this approach.

Using solidworks motion study for design optimization

Designing a mechanism that can be driven by a motor is fairly common today. Still, certain problems will occur with this kind of design such as the motor being overstressed when closing the mechanism. That said, the optimization of the geometry is necessary when it comes to reducing the strain on the motor. While that may sound easy enough, any research and development engineer will probably have a nosebleed trying to do that. Being able to alter the variables that affect the geometry is like diffusing a bomb in perspective.

However, with the application o solidworks motion study, things can change drastically. Knowing more about this can actually improve the trial and error optimization. Of course, there’s always the possibility that a better design can be built.

Some people might say that they can just make the faulty design to have fewer faults, but that’s not the right way to approach things when it comes to this matter. One of the most inefficient approaches for this is basically testing out the faulty design in hope that it will miraculously be better at one point. In addition to that, you’ll have to spend a lot of time just to see any significant results.

This is also why a lot of people use CORTIME instead. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a tool for solidworks when it comes to data analysis and design exploration. Using this tool in the first place is also easy enough for most professionals. Using this tool effectively also means that you first need to know and identify the model variable and the applied ranges. This kind of tool is also necessary when it comes to ensuring that the distance of the top lever mass and connectors is properly altered.

With the build checker tool, you’ll also have an easier time addressing the needed space solution for the rebuild errors that occurred. When it comes to coming up with a better design, it’s important that rebuild errors are logged and addressed accordingly. With the build checker, you won’t have to worry not being able to do that. In any case, using solidworks motion study is necessary to ensure that the optimization will cost less time and manpower.

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